Raoul’s Restaurant

Pupils should have nutritious, tasty food so that they are on top form and have the energy to be active during lessons throughout the school day. That’s why we have our own kitchens preparing tasty, nutritious food for our schools. We carefully monitor the raw materials used and how they are prepared.

Wholesome meals are cooked from scratch using fresh, crisp ingredients, more greens and fibre and less salt. In addition, the right kind of fat is used and in the right quantity. Lunch should provide at least 35% of the recommended daily intake of nutrients for children and adolescents.

The body is an amazing machine and nutrient intake needs to be right for it to function optimally. By offering our pupils a really high quality lunch and snack every day, we teach them healthy eating habits early in life.

Raoul’s Restaurant is the name of our school canteens, or restaurants as we prefer to call them. Our ambition is for our students to learn good table manners and how to behave in a restaurant with other people early in life. During one part of the lunch hour, the restaurant is absolutely silent so the pupils can concentrate on eating their delicious lunch.

The restaurants can be hired by the public in the evenings and at weekends and offer opportunities for various activities, such as children’s parties, birthday parties for adults and other gatherings.