RWF Mariehäll

– we lay the foundations for lifelong learning!

We are a preschool that places great importance on mutual respect and empathy among children, staff and parents alike. We prioritise the creation of a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. We do this by establishing solid routines and structures and creating an environment that encourages free play and creativity.

Marie Wessman, Principal

Play is an essential part of active learning and we always consider a child’s individual level of development and maturity in all our activities. The different needs of all the children shall be met, and individual challenges provided for them all, according to their level of development. To do this, we often divide them into smaller groups. We spend a lot of time outdoors, as exercise and health are a natural part of our everyday lives.

We offer excellent care and promote lifelong learning by employing a positive approach based on our various policy documents. It is important for us to listen to all the children and make them feel important. We help children to become aware of their own characteristics and those of their friends, and to see both similarities and differences. We place great emphasis on developing the children’s sense of community. We talk about the meaning of being a friend and actively work to develop children’s empathy, compassion, understanding and respect for each other and other people. Playing organised games and putting on short plays are just some of our educational, fun and natural activities. The educational environment is designed to stimulate children’s desire to play, explore and learn.

The TYRA app is a preschool app that both parents and teachers use on a daily basis. Using the app, parents can easily follow what is happening at the preschool on a daily basis and see what their children are doing in pictures and text. Each child has his or her own learning portfolio in the app, showing the child’s improving skills and development. The TYRA app is greatly appreciated by both staff and parents.

Our nutritious and delicious food is prepared by our own kitchen within RWS – Raoul’s Restaurant.

The staff at the preschool are committed professionals and proud to be working at RWF Mariehäll. They are committed teachers who want to make a difference for each child – every day. We have a good working environment and a strong team spirit. All teachers get to know all the children attending the preschool. We work closely with parents.

Raoul Wallenberg Preschool in Mariehäll is located in naturally well-lit premises near the Bällsta River in Sundbyberg with good local transport communications. We are close to many beautiful parks and woods where we like to go for walks to explore our local environment with the children.

In the latest parents’ survey, we received a rating of 4.4 for child safety and 4.4 for satisfaction on a five-point scale. Normally we have 60 children enrolled at the preschool.

Please come and visit our preschool!

Marie Wessman, Principal

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RWF Mariehäll Tel: 070 734 81 50
Bällstavägen 8, 168 65 Bromma

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