RWF Vega 2

– a secure learning environment in which children discover new things every day!

Children who feel confident in their learning environment can assimilate knowledge, hone their learning skills and acquire knowledge on their own. We prioritise the creation of a calm and safe working environment for both staff and children. We are committed to building relationships with parents, children and colleagues and by use of efficient routines and structures, we establish a secure foundation for everyone. We provide inspiring learning environments that foster children’s curiosity and play, which in turn leads to self-confident children.

Isabella Sundin, Principal

It is important that pre-school education and teaching take place outdoors as often as indoors. In our schoolyards and nearby wooded areas, children are offered daily activities that encourage exploration, play and exercise, with teachers who are there to guide and nurture them every step of the way. Environmental, economic and social sustainability are incredibly important in our activities. We make extensive use of recycled materials and nature’s treasures as teaching materials, giving children endless opportunities and ways to express themselves and develop their creativity and imagination. Social sustainability is of course a natural focus in a preschool, as there are many of us sharing the same space and we therefore need to show each other respect and empathy.

We make sure that all the children are both seen and heard. It is important for us to listen to all the children and make them feel important. We help children to become more aware of their own skills, feelings and characteristics, and to see both similarities and differences with their schoolmates. We place great emphasis on developing the child’s social interaction, and work actively to develop children’s empathy, compassion, understanding and respect for each other, other people and their environment. We encourage the children to see people as they are and not succumb to stereotypes about gender or ethnicity. All the children’s different needs should be met, and to challenge each child according to their personal level of development, we often divide them into smaller groups. We take advantage of children’s differences and learn from each other.

Our teachers are passionate about their work and about making a difference to each child – every day. Our two preschools are located a stone’s throw from each other, so it is easy for the teachers to pool their activities, be inspired by each other and ensure equal treatment for all our children. Each section has roomy, airy premises with lots of light and space providing many different meeting places that encourage children to explore, play, imagine and interact. By means of the Raoul Wallenberg Schools’ own kitchen – Raoul’s Restaurant – we ensure that the children are served tasty and nutritious food.

In the latest parents’ survey, we received a rating of 4.4 for child safety and 4.4 for satisfaction on a five-point scale. Normally we have 100 children enrolled at each preschool.

You are most welcome to come and visit us!

Isabella Sundin, Principal

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RWF Vega 2 Tel: 072 237 82 32
Våra öppettider:
06.30-17.30 (18.30 vid behov).
Isabella Sundin:
072-237 82 32
Timvinkelvägen 44, 136 47 Haninge

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