RWS Skövde grades 0-6

– a school that provides the peace and quiet necessary for effective study

Raoul Wallenberg School Skövde stands for a mix of the “traditional school” with an emphasis on order and discipline and the “modern school” with evidence-based teaching in focus. We want to challenge all our pupils, set ourselves ambitious goals and make a positive difference for all pupils. For us, it’s important to personalise teaching so that even high-achieving pupils are challenged every day at school.

The school has an international profile where the English language is used in all subjects from preschool class onwards and gradually increases for each grade. We also have an extended English timetable in grades 0-9 – 45% more than other primary and secondary schools in the municipality.

We monitor pupils’’ progress very closely from preschool class and upwards. In addition to national tests, we use modern digital knowledge tests, including LegiLexi, to monitor pupils’’ progress in reading skills. Every two months, a forecast is made of each pupil’s progress in each subject, which is published for both pupils and parents on our school platform Admentum. In our advanced learning platform, Canvas, teachers publish teaching materials for the pupils.

Our teachers are carefully selected on the basis of strong leadership, excellent subject knowledge and teaching skills. Our basic view of teachers and pupils is that the teacher is the single most important factor in a pupil’s success and that a pupil’s success or failure is closely connected to the teacher’s own sense of success or failure. Nothing is as important for the pupils’ development as the everyday encounter with a knowledgeable, pedagogically skilled and sincerely committed teacher. We believe that each individual pupil has great potential for development and the teacher’s inner drive should therefore be to develop each pupil to their full potential – to make a difference.

Raoul Wallenberg School Skövde has two school buildings. Hammargatan 1 houses the primary and middle school with two parallel classes in each grade. The premises are well-lit, pleasant and fit for purpose. In the secondary school, just over 100 metres away, there are special rooms for handicrafts and home economics. The school has its own catering service and the lunch food comes from our own kitchen – Raoul’s Restaurant – in the secondary school.

In the latest well-being and safety survey, we received a rating of 4.6 for pupil safety and 4.5 for well-being on a five-point scale. Today we have 360 pupils attending the school.

Camilla Andersson, Vice-Principal

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RWS Skövde grades 0-6 Tel: 072-230 64 81
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Camilla Andersson:
0738-41 45 69
Emma Holmén Edman:
072-230 64 81
Hammargatan 1, 549 54 Skövde

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