RWF Järvastaden

– where children acquire new knowledge every day

Children who feel secure in their learning environment, who feel involved and important, acquire knowledge in every situation. We work actively to create the conditions for children to develop an understanding of themselves and the world around them. Play is a central part of learning. We create conditions for both children’s own play and adult-led play. We have well-developed routines and structures that establish a good foundation for safety, security and a sense of routine for the children, both indoors and outdoors.

Monica Lagnetoft, Principal

With the children in focus, we work to make use of their experience and knowledge and to create participation and influence for each child. We create opportunities for children to participate and influence their education, for example in the design of the environment and the purchase of materials.

Our indoor and outdoor learning environments are well designed to arouse children’s curiosity encourage play and create opportunities for children to meet their peers in learning situations.

In our schoolyards and the nearby woodlands, we offer children a variety of activities that encourage exploration, play and exercise with teachers who are their fellow explorers. Children and teachers experience the joy of being physically active and this sparks the children’s interest in a healthy lifestyle. With Raoul Wallenberg Schools’ own kitchen – Raoul’s Restaurant, we ensure that the food served to the children is tasty and nutritious.

Our core values provide the basis for the children’s feeling of personal security. All groups of children are reminded of our core values in various forms each day and this is often incorporated into various forms of expression such as drawing, sculpture, drama, song, movement, music and dance.

We make sure that all children are both seen and heard. It is important for us to listen to all of them and make them feel important. We help children to increase their self-awareness, become aware of their own characteristics and those of their friends, and see both similarities and differences. We place great emphasis on developing the child’s sense of community. We talk about what it means to be someone’s friend and actively work to develop children’s empathy, compassion, understanding and respect for each other and other people.

All of us who work here have high ambitions and work to make a difference for every child every day. We encourage lively interaction between our different groups. All our children automatically have a place at the RWS Järvastaden junior school in the year they turn six and we have excellent cooperation with the school during their first year as a junior.

We are fortunate to be able to work in bright, new, inspiring premises which encourage exploration, play, imagination and interaction. The preschool is designed and organised in such a way that the sections each form their own preschool within the main preschool.

It is important to us that parents and carers feel secure and we always welcome their questions, feedback and appreciation.

In the latest parents’ survey, we received a rating of 4.3 for child safety and 4.1 for satisfaction on a five-point scale. We normally have 230 children enrolled at the preschool.

You are most welcome to come and visit us.

Monica Lagnetoft, Principal

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RWF Järvastaden Tel: 070 745 50 61
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