RWF Skövde

– a welcoming, safe and secure preschool

We prioritise a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere for the children by providing routines and structure, as well as an environment that promotes free play. We have a handy check-in and check-out system which allows the children to influence their personal choice of activity. We often divide the children into smaller groups. It is important for us to listen to all the children so that they feel important. We place great emphasis on developing each child’s sense of community. We talk about the meaning of being a friend and work to develop the children’s empathy, compassion, understanding and respect for each other and other people. Our preschool is a welcoming and secure preschool where we enjoy being together and taking care of each other.

Lotta Green, Principal

The preschool has its very own English teacher from the United States. We introduce English at a very early stage and then reinforce it as the children get older. We consider play to be an essential part of active learning and include it in many of our activities. Music, which inspires movement, is a natural part of every day. Our nutritious and delicious food is delivered from Raoul’s Restaurant.

We value the close cooperation we have with parents and carers. TYRA is a preschool app that both parents and teachers use on a daily basis. In the app, parents can easily check out what has been happening every day in pictures and text. Each child has his or her own learning portfolio in the app, showing their personal development.

The staff are very committed and proud to work at our preschool. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. They are in constant contact with each other so that they know and recognise all the children who attend the preschool. Each staff team has weekly reflection time, where they evaluate, reflect and plan ahead to ensure that the activities are constantly evolving and best suit the children’s interests.

We have a fun tradition in September when we run the RWF race. Everyone – children, teachers and parents alike – runs as many laps around the preschool as they can, wearing number bibs that they have created themselves. Afterwards we have a coffee and cake from our delicious picnic basket.

The preschool is located in the heart of Skövde in a beautiful old manor house at Stenkilsgatan 8. The groups have many spacious rooms at their disposal, encouraging children to explore, play and interact. The schoolyard is surrounded by beautiful, tall trees and shrubs. The preschool is located opposite Vasaskolan and can be easily reached by public transport.

In the latest parents’ survey, we received a 4.6 rating for child safety and 4.9 for satisfaction on a five-point scale. Normally we have 80 children enrolled at the preschool.

You are most welcome to come and visit us!

Lotta Green, Principal

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RWF Skövde Tel: 0722 240779
Stenkilsgatan 8 541 50 Skövde

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