RWS Bagartorp

– promoting knowledge and developing character

Raoul Wallenberg School Bagartorp in Solna opened its doors in August 2021. The school is a secondary school for grades 7-9 with room for four parallel classes in each grade. The school is located on the edge of the newly built Järvastaden district and within walking distance of Ulriksdal commuter train station.

The school has its own sports hall (20 x 40 m) in a separate building and its own special rooms for all subjects. In addition, the school has several communal areas that are specially designed to promote social interaction among young people of secondary school age. With these well-developed facilities, the ambition is for the school to be a meeting place for young people both during school hours and in their leisure time and to become the “School in the middle of the village”.

The school promotes our key focus areas of knowledge, character, self-confidence, health and leadership. So we have high expectations of good leadership from school management, teachers and other staff. Teaching is carried out using modern IT tools, including the Canvas learning platform with teaching content developed by our teacher groups within RWS. Values-based activities are carried out continuously to ensure the development of self-confidence and good character among our students.

Good health is a prerequisite for well-being and effective learning. We work with several local sports clubs to enable students to combine their studies with other extracurricular activities.

Pontus Hillström, Principal

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RWS Bagartorp Tel: 076-109 46 23
Bagartorpsringen 20, 170 65 Solna

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