RWS Jungfrusund

Our new, small and cosy primary school will soon be opening its doors in Jungfrusund.

In August 2022, our new primary school with after-school club in Jungfrusund will have its first intake of preschool class children born in 2016. The intention is to build up activities year by year in grades 0-3 with one class in each grade. We have a very limited number of places. Secure a place in the school by clicking on the link “Apply to RWS Jungfrusund”.

The school will operate in the parts of the building where we now run a preschool. The school building was originally designed to accommodate school activities. The primary schoolchildren will have their own entrance, as well as their own schoolyard. Teachers and an after-school teacher will be recruited shortly.

The mission of the RWS is to provide schooling for children from the early years of preschool up to grade 9 of secondary school. In Jungfrusund we have been running an efficient and popular preschool for more than two years. So now we are taking the next step and establishing a pre-school class in primary school. Year by year, we will build up to a primary school with one class in each grade. Our ambition is to establish a school for grades 4-9 in Ekerö municipality so that the students can continue their schooling with us in RWS up to grade 9.

For us, it is important to weave together the activities in the later years of preschool with primary school activities to ensure that the children develop well and reach very good skills in reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as other subjects. At the same time, we focus on developing strong character traits that will serve the pupils well in later life.

For us, it is important that everyone who comes to our school feels welcome and wanted; children, staff and parents alike. And every child shall receive the attention they need and have the right conditions for learning and strong development. Job satisfaction and professional pride shall pervade our teaching, in which the pupil’s curiosity and desire to learn are in focus.

Our facilities are conducive to natural peace and quiet. Thanks to our location in scenic surroundings and with the magnificent school grounds, we have enormous opportunities to offer different learning environments several times a week. We are passionate about our profession and want to contribute in every way we can to creating positive experiences for the children, building relationships through happiness and trust. The school shall always be a secure place where all children have the opportunity to succeed.

Jessica Leopoldson, Principal

We monitor students’ progress very closely from preschool class and upwards. In addition to national tests, we use modern digital knowledge tests. Every two months, a forecast is made of each student’s progress in each subject, which is published for both students and parents on our school platform Admentum. Employing a straightforward approach, proven methods and a structured organisation, we lay the foundations for the children’s development and learning with us. With hands-on leadership, clear goals and continuous monitoring, we create the conditions for sustainable education.

Here at RWS, we work according to our four watchwords: Honesty, Compassion, Courage and Enterpriseas we believe that these four values will help build up a sustainable society and create a future for our young people.

Jessica Leopoldson, Principal

RWS Jungfrusund Tel: 072 218 21 68
Ångkvarnsvägen 1, 17851 Ekerö

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