RWF Källberga

Opening at the start of the 2024 school year

Källberga is a new residential area, set in Södertörn’s forest and farmland, close to the sea. “A vision of tomorrow’s people-centred, nature-oriented housing, characterised by social and ecological sustainability and in harmony with a unique and diverse landscape.” “A vision shaped by rugged ridges and plains, by the stillness of pine forests and open valleys.”

As part of this vision for a new society characterised by social and ecological sustainability, Raoul Wallenberg Schools will establish a junior school for grades 0-6 and a preschool in August 2024. Educational activities will be conducted in five different school buildings – one for preschool; one for the infant school; one for the junior school; one for kitchen, canteen, principal’s office, library, auditorium, etc.; and a sports hall. The activities will be run according to RWS’ successful school concept “The school in the middle of the village”. The schools will be characterised by a consistent pedagogical approach stretching from the early preschool years up to the end of ninth grade.

RWF Källberga welcomes all children regardless of ability and socio-economic background. We are committed to ensuring that our schools have a student body that reflects the local community in various ways. We believe that this creates the best dynamic in the school environment while contributing to the positive development of society. “Our passion is to make a positive difference for every single child and pupil in our schools”. This is our mission!

The preschool will be characterised by its safe, secure atmosphere and the peace and quietit provides for the children. Health and exercise will be a central part of the preschool’s activities.

The mission of the preschool is both the development of children’s knowledge and character development based on our role model Raoul Wallenberg and the watchwords that will permeate the activities of RWF Källberga.

The preschool and junior school will work closely together to concretise a consistent approach in terms of both education and values. The preschool will also have access to the junior school’s pupil health team to ensure healthy development for each individual from an early age.

Our ambition is to recruit committed and competent employees – school management, preschool teachers and childcare workers. We therefore have very high expectations of all our staff – it’s about both educational and character leadership. Our employees should be good role models for the children.

Our vision is “to contribute positively to the development of the Swedish school system and thereby to Sweden as a whole”. With RWF Källberga, we are continuing our important work.

Eva Arfwedson, vice VD

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