Teaching in preschool

  • Our preschools are part of the Swedish education system and intend to lay the foundations for the rest of the children’s school education.
  • We use the children’s interests as a starting point, making them curious and keen to succeed, and through this create an interest and enthusiasm to learn new things.
  • From an early age, children are given the chance to participate in activities that promote development and learning. This is done, for example, through language games and reading aloud, mathematical activities, experimenting with physical phenomena and chemical processes, studying animals and nature followed up by study visits, creating and communicating using various aesthetic methods, etc.
  • In the latter part of the preschool period, we use the Bornholm model to start training in reading and writing. The Bornholm model is also used in the first year of compulsory school (preschool class) and grade 1.
  • In preschool, we document and monitor each child’s development in our digital portfolio Tyra. We use text, images and film – both as individuals and in interaction with other children – to describe the child’s development.
  • Individual development discussions with parents are held at least once a school year.