The monitoring of each pupil’s progress is crucial for them to reach their full potential. In each grade from pre-school class up to grade 9, the teacher therefore makes a forecast twice a term of each pupil’s attainment in each subject. The forecast indicates whether the student will reach the knowledge requirements in each subject by grade 3, 6 or 9. Pupil who receives a green mark is on track to meet the knowledge requirements. A yellow mark means that the teacher is unsure and that extra adjustments will probably have to be made. Red means that the pupil has major problems and that a special action programme must be drawn up in the subject. The forecast is published for the pupil and the parents on Admentum and forms the basis for each pupil’s IUP and development discussions that take place once a term.

In primary school(grades 1-3), we also use the Swedish National Agency for Education’s assessment support in the subjects of Swedish (speaking, reading and writing) and mathematics to ensure good knowledge development for the pupil. We tick off the different learning elements and ensure that each individual pupil reaches the knowledge requirements. In addition, we use a digital tool called LegiLexi to monitor Swedish reading. In grade 3, national tests are conducted according to the Swedish National Agency for Education guidelines.

In middle and upper school (grades 4-9), we use a digital testing tool in the subjects of Swedish, mathematics and English to get a snapshot of where each individual pupil, classes and years are at in terms of knowledge. The results of these tests provide the basis for planning the school year. When teachers in Canvas make assessments of pupils’ performance in different subject activities, assessment matrices are used and the result is automatically updated to the student’s subject matrix in Admentum. There, pupils and parents can continuously follow the pupil’s progress. In grades 6, 7, 8 and 9, pupils are graded at the end of each term and these grades are published on Admentum. In grades 6 and 9, national tests are conducted according to the Swedish National Agency for Education guidelines.