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RWS Uppsala is a highly regarded secondary (grades 6-9) school in Uppsala. The school’s values are inspired by the life of Raoul Wallenberg. Wallenberg’s work in Budapest was characterised by honesty, compassion, courage and initiative. Through his dedication and bravery, he encouraged thousands of persecuted people to pluck up courage and fight for their survival. He made a difference and gave hope and strength back to many people who were in a state of utter despair. Our task as a school is also to make a difference. For us, it’s about making a difference for every single pupil – regardless of their background, abilities and ambitions. We have a calm, welcoming and secure environment at the school and ensure that each individual pupil is seen, heard and given the necessary support.

Our values and watchwords permeate everything that happens at the school. This means that our expectations of each individual pupil are high, both in terms of focus on studies and in developing strong character. We strive to have positive role models in the school, both among staff and pupils.

Our dedicated and professional teaching staff are passionate about making a difference and are excellent role models for our pupils. We have an efficient pupil health team with a special-needs teacher, counsellor, school psychologist and school nurse, who perform preventive and proactive pupil health initiatives at the school.

We do not believe that there is only one, correct approach to teaching, and therefore do not confine ourselves to any one specific teaching method. We are open to experimentation and try to adapt to each pupil’s particular circumstances. We work systematically with models which enable us to personalise teaching in order to provide challenges for pupils at different levels. We test and evaluate our actions and results carefully, and develop new models and approaches.

At the school, pupils focus on different subjects in different study periods. This means that they have more teaching in certain subjects for two weeks, for example maths and natural science, and then in the next period they have more, for example social science and Swedish. This approach has several advantages, pupils dive deeper into and have a greater focus on the various subjects.

Lessons are divided into longer sessions, so there is no need to be in a rush at the beginning and end of lessons. Teachers have time to see and talk to all pupils during the sessions and give them feedback. With this schedule, we have seen a positive development in the pupils’’ knowledge.

RWS Uppsala can be described as the “School in the middle of the village” despite its location right in the centre of the city at Kungsgatan 18. The school dates back to 1886 and is a listed building with spacious, airy classrooms.

The school is at the forefront of technology when it comes to IT teaching tools. All pupils have their own computer and much of the interaction between pupils and teachers takes place on our learning platform Canvas and school platform Admentum.

In our latest well-being and safety survey, the pupils rated safety at 4.2 and well-being at 4.3 on the five-point scale. Today the school is at full capacity with 259 pupils.

Maria Silén-Kaminski, Principal

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RWS Uppsala Tel: 076 126 22 46
Maria Silén-Kaminski:
073-075 72 15
Erika Erfäldt:
076-126 22 46
Kungsgatan 18, 753 21 Uppsala

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