RWS Skövde grades 7-9

– a school with special profile options in mathematics and sports

Raoul Wallenberg School Skövde stands for a mix of the “traditional school” with an emphasis on order and discipline and the “modern school” with evidence-based teaching in focus. We want to challenge all our pupils, set ourselves ambitious goals and make a positive difference for all pupils. For us, it’s important to personalise teaching so that even high-achieving pupils are challenged every day at school.

At secondary level, pupils have the opportunity to take a profile option that creates new opportunities for challenges and in-depth studies in the pupil’s particular area of interest. We have freed up time for the profile option within the framework of school choice and pupil choice, which means that the regular curriculum is not affected.

The sports profile gives pupils the chance to do more training during school hours in their specialist sport. Pupils are part of organised training groups led by trained instructors with links to successful local sports clubs. Organised training is currently offered in the following sports and exercise: dance, football, handball, ice hockey, martial arts, figure skating and equestrian sports. Our ambition is to be able to offer floorball and gymnastics in the future.

We have a unique mathematics initiative in which we offer pupils with high aptitude and an interest in mathematics very demanding challenges with more than 20% more mathematics teaching than other secondary schools in the municipality. Pupils practice their problem-solving, abstract thinking and reasoning skills. Laboratory mathematics is a part of the teaching where we use modern technology as an aid in programming. Within the framework of Mathivation, we collaborate with Chalmers University of Technology and the Western Sweden Chamber of Commerce. The aesthetic profile gives pupils the opportunity to immerse themselves in the subjects of art, crafts, music or even home economics and consumer studies.

The school has an international profile where the English language is used in all subjects from preschool class onwards and gradually increases for each grade. We also have an extended English timetable in grades 0-9 – 45% more than other primary and secondary schools in the municipality. The English profile option for secondary school is aimed at pupils with a special interest in English. Pupils are prepared to be able to write their final dissertation in English in grade 9 and can look forward to exciting cultural encounters. This includes studies of some target language countries such as the UK, the US, Canada and Australia and their culture/traditions.

Our teachers are carefully selected on the basis of strong leadership, excellent subject knowledge and teaching skills. Our basic view of teachers and pupils is that the teacher is the single most important factor in a pupil’s success and that a pupil’s success or failure is closely connected to the teacher’s own sense of success or failure. We believe that each individual pupil has great potential for development and the teacher’s inner drive should therefore be to develop each pupil to their full potential – to make a difference.

Raoul Wallenberg School Skövde has two school buildings – one for secondary school (grades 7-9) and one for primary and middle school (grades 0-6). The secondary school is housed in newly renovated premises at Rådmansgatan 24 and consists of fresh, fully equipped classrooms for vocational science, handicrafts, home economics and music. We have our own catering service – Raoul’s Restaurant – which also prepares lunch for other Raoul Wallenberg schools in Skövde.

In the latest well-being and safety survey, we received a rating of 4.3 for pupil safety and 4.1 for well-being on a five-point scale. The school currently has 350 pupils in grades 7-9.

Elin Schüler, Principal

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RWS Skövde grades 7-9 Tel: 0722 31 92 61
Elin Schüler:
0730-92 48 31
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