RWF Jungfrusund

– a place where children want to be!

For us, it is important that everyone who comes to us feels welcome and wanted; children, staff and parents alike. And every child shall receive the care they need and have the right conditions for learning and development. Job satisfaction and professional pride shall pervade our teaching in which curiosity and desire to learn are in focus.

Elisabeth Nyhlén, Principal

Employing a straightforward approach, proven methods and a structured organisation, we lay the foundations for children’s development and learning with us. With hands-on leadership, clear goals and continuous monitoring, we create the conditions for sustainable education. With regular reflection sessions in the work teams, departmental planning, and their own planning time, the teachers have the right conditions to maintain high quality. With joint initiatives in training and exchange of experience, we also make use of the collegial knowledge that exists between the departments and can thus find a common thread throughout the preschool and work towards the same goals. For us, a strong team spirit and everyone being on-board with our approach, working methods and learning environment are important. It is easy to be both teacher and child at the school and families get used to the same high standards throughout the preschool period.

In order to ensure that the different objectives of the curriculum form the basis of the pedagogical planning, all teams work on the basis of a common work schedule that covers different subjects on different days. Through documentation, particularly pedagogical documentation, the learning processes can then be highlighted and also improved. And all the time, the children are learning. In everything they experience, no matter what activity they are doing. Our mission is to always be near at hand, to capture and reinforce what fascinates them at any given moment.

Our facilities are conducive to peace and quiet and thanks to our location in scenic surroundings and with magnificent preschool grounds, we have great opportunities to offer different environments for learning several times a week. We are passionate about our profession and want to contribute in every way we can to creating positive experiences for children, building relationships through happiness and trust. The preschool should always be a secure place where all children have the opportunity to succeed. Succeed in challenges and achieve progress. Develop and find the desire for learning. Be amazed, discover and build confidence in their own abilities. Preschool should be a place where children want to be!

In the latest parents’ survey, we received a rating of 4.8 for child safety and 4.9 for satisfaction on a five-point scale. Normally we have 90 children enrolled at the preschool.

You are very welcome to come and visit us!

Elisabeth Nyhlén, Principal

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RWF Jungfrusund Tel: 072 218 21 68
Avd. Bojen: 072 216 95 82
Avd. Lanternan: 072 233 21 40
Avd. Masten: 076 110 95 68
Avd. Seglet: 073 091 17 08
Avd. Trossen: 073 085 28 46
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