RWS Bromma

– a school that combines a welcoming, secure environment with ambitious goals

Raoul Wallenberg School Bromma offers a calm and peaceful environment both inside and outside the classroom, in the breaks and in Raoul’s Restaurant, our school canteen. Every term we conduct a well-being and safety survey among the pupils and in the most recent one, the school received a safety rating of 4.1 on a five-point scale. The pupils are self-confident and self-assured (4.4) and also get along well with their schoolmates (4.3).

RWS Bromma is also a very diverse school, with pupils from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our ambition is for our schools to reflect the surrounding community and therefore all pupils, regardless of ability and background, are welcome to attend. Our values are the glue that holds us together, making diversity and difference a great asset and creating dynamism and excitement in our activities. Sweden is a key player in many exciting and challenging international developments currently taking place. Our ambition is to prepare our pupils from all backgrounds for success in this modern global society.

We monitor pupils’ progress very closely from preschool class up to 9th grade. In addition to grades and national tests, we use modern digital knowledge tests, including LegiLexi, to monitor pupils’ progress in reading skills. Every two months, a forecast is made of each pupil’s progress in each subject, which is published for both pupils and parents on our school platform Admentum. In our advanced learning platform, Canvas, teachers publish teaching materials for the pupils. We offer homework help for the pupils and provide extra study support for those who need it. We also set extra challenges for especially gifted individuals.

We have professional, dedicated and well-qualified staff. The recreational staff provide after-school activities that are both fun and educational for the pupils. We have a well-knit pupil health team with special-needs teachers, counsellors, school psychologists and others, who carry out targeted preventive pupil health initiatives at the school. That’s why RWS Bromma is a secure and welcoming school where pupils and adults get on well and take care of each other.

Raoul Wallenbergskolan Bromma is located in the heart of Bromma in the beautiful setting of Beckomberga Park. The school operates in two well-maintained, listed buildings. One building houses the primary and middle school classes (grades 0-6), including our excellent library, surrounded by a well-equipped and stimulating schoolyard for the pupils. The second building houses the secondary school (grades 7-9), the principal’s office, student health facility, restaurant and kitchen, and is also surrounded by a schoolyard with a football pitch, basketball court and table tennis table. The school has two parallel classes in each grade. Today we have more than 300 pupils attending the school.

You are most welcome to come and visit us!

Anna Kämpinge

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RWS Bromma Tel: 073 708 17 90
Beckombergavägen 316, 168 61 Bromma

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