RWF Sigtuna

– a preschool in a picturesque historical setting

Raoul Wallenberg Preschool Sigtuna opened its doors in early August 2021. The preschool will have eight sections when fully operational. The preschool is located in the new “urban meadow” district of Sigtuna very close to wonderful, unspoilt countryside.

A secure, caring and nurturing environment for children in their early years helps to shape the society of the future. At RWS, we want our schools to be a dynamic force in building this future. Our mission is “to make a positive difference for every single child and pupil in our schools”. Our schools shall contribute to the development of the local community and serve as a meeting place for children, young people and adults – “The school in the middle of the village”.

Our ambition is for Raoul Wallenberg Preschools to lay the foundations for lifelong learning. This means that we offer children a comprehensive education in which care, nurturing and learning unite to form a whole. The preschool will operate fully within our focus areas of knowledge, character, security, health and leadership.

I am proud to be the principal and leader of RWF Sigtuna. Sigtuna is my hometown and I spent my own school days here, as have my three children. So I have my roots in this wonderfully cosy, beautiful town. In recent years I have lived for a while in other places in Sweden, including Avesta and Knivsta. Now I am so happy to have returned home to Sigtuna.

I have extensive experience from preschools and primary schools; 12 years as a preschool and primary school principal. I am a qualified preschool and primary school teacher. I completed the national principal programme in June 2020.

I have very high ambitions for the children’s development at RWF Sigtuna. Later this spring, I intend to provide more details on our plans for the preschool. But I would already like to say that security, learning, character development, health and close cooperation with parents are the basic prerequisites for a successful preschool. We will make full use of the local conditions in Sigtuna with the town’s amazingly interesting history as our starting point. In addition, the preschool will be full of storybooks, including some with a local connection, to best stimulate the children’s language development.

Anna Enell, Rector

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RWF Sigtuna Tel: 073-029 83 27
Anna Enell:
073-029 83 27
Stadsängsgatan 71, 193 34 Sigtuna

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