School philosophy

The Raoul Wallenberg School was founded in 2006 and its mission is to offer pupils and parents a coherent schooling from preschool to grade 9 of compulsory school. In the near future, we also expect to be able to offer our students upper-secondary education.

The Raoul Wallenberg School has been founded to provide children and young people with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and character to prepare them for the various challenges of life ahead, in the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg.

Our four watchwords honesty, compassion, courage and drive are inspired by Raoul Wallenberg and his life’s achievements.

“Our passion is to make a positive difference for every single child and pupil in our schools”. This is our mission. Our schools should be the “school in the middle of the village”, a meeting place for children, young people and adults, and a positive force in the local community.