Our mission is “to make a positive difference for every single child and pupil in our schools”.

Children and young people all have dreams for their future and different interests. But children and young people also have a range of different prerequisites and abilities. This is something that we at the Raoul Wallenberg School constantly bear in mind. Therefore, our ambition is to get to know each individual child and young person to understand where they are now, and then guide them on a personal development journey towards the goals that they have set and have the potential to achieve. Our task is to help build the character and knowledge foundations of our children and pupils, through effective work in our preschools and classrooms, so that they can make a positive difference in our society – both in their professional and personal lives.

Our mission is to ensure that academically gifted pupils have the opportunity to develop at the pace they are capable of, while guaranteeing that pupils with different types of learning difficulties also receive the support they need and are entitled to. We therefore cater for pupils from all possible social backgrounds and aim for our schools to have pupils who are typical of society. We are convinced that this generates the best academic results, while at the same time providing a good foundation for the character development that our multicultural, global, professional world and society require.