The cornerstones of our educational philosophy

The daily work in our schools is based on the following cornerstones of our educational philosophy:

  • We develop character and knowledge!
    According to Swedish central government policy documents, the mission of the Swedish school system is to “nurture and teach”. Knowledge is important, but character and personality are more important for future personal and professional life. Our ambition at RWS is to help build up the character and knowledge foundations of our children and pupils, so that they can make a positive difference in our society – both in their professional and personal lives.
  • We know that everyone can learn and wants to learn!
    People – adults and young people alike – have different abilities, but everyone can and wants to learn. This means that both our staff at many different levels and the children and pupils in our schools have great potential for personal development. This is our starting point and the foundation of our learning organisation.
  • We have high expectations of everyone!
    A very important driver for us all is the expectations of those around us. At RWS, we dare to have high expectations of everyone – the board, management, principals and preschool directors, teachers and other school staff, and every single child and pupil in our schools. This is because we believe in each individual’s ability to learn and develop.
  • We are constantly working towards ambitious goals!
    We have high expectations of ourselves, which is why we always set ambitious goals that we are constantly working towards. This applies to the company as a whole. To each school. To each member of staff. And to each individual child and pupil, of course, adapted to personal maturity and conditions.
  • Seize the opportunities!
    Life always contains both problems and opportunities. This is particularly true in school, both for the staff and for children and pupils. Our ambition at RWS is to see opportunities rather than problems in every situation that arises.