A safe and secure environment with peace and quiet for study

Peace and quiet and orderliness in the school are basic conditions for a safe and successful learning environment for children and young people. In our schools, we therefore conduct daily activities based on our core values and our watchwords of honesty, compassion, courage and enterprise. The aim, of course, is to create a secure and respectful environment in the school that allows pupils to focus on learning and their own personal development. School work is based on a common policy document “The Raoul Wallenberg model for equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities” and each school develops its own local equal treatment plan.

We have clear rules of behaviour and carry out ongoing preventive and promotional safety initiatives for the benefit of our pupils. Our pupil health teams have the main responsibility for this. Our teachers receive continuous further training in classroom management as well as self-leadership. There is zero tolerance for any form of bullying and abuse. We measure and monitor the social environment twice a term. In the last survey, pupils in our compulsory schools rated their well-being at 4.2 on a five-point scale and their safety at 4.3. In our preschools, parents rated the safety of their children at 4.5.

  • on 27 August and 27 January, we have Raoul Wallenberg days, when the pupils are reminded of his life’s work. The focus is on our watchwords and core values.
  • Throughout the terms, pupils work on our watchwords – one at a time – to really get to the bottom of each one.
  • In our schools, we apply clear and consistent procedures before and during lessons, what we call the “RWS Model”.
  • Once a term, a well-being and safety survey is carried out among the students, which is then followed up with measures by the school management if necessary.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in primary and middle schools (grades 1-6). In upper school (grades 7-9), mobiles are handed in at the start of the lesson.
  • In case of incidents between pupils, teachers make a report via our school platform Admentum, which directly reaches both the principal and the governing body for possible action.