Effective knowledge development

Our mission is “to make a positive difference for every single child and pupil in our schools”.

Our ambition is for the Raoul Wallenberg School to lay the foundations for lifelong learning and a successful and harmonious life for our pupils – both professionally and personally. In preschool, we offer children a broad education in which care, nurturing and learning form a whole. In compulsory school, we offer pupils a comprehensive education that combines the development of knowledge with an emphasis on the development of strong character. We follow the national curricula and syllabuses in all our schools, while adhering to RWS’s basic values and methods and taking local conditions into account.

We start from the specific circumstances and needs of each individual pupil, and our ambition is for each of them to reach their full potential. Those who need special support receive it, and those who need more demanding challenges are given them.

Teaching in preschool

Our preschools are part of the Swedish education system and intend to lay the foundations for the rest of the children’s school education.

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Teaching in primary school

Good education and character development for children and young people shape the society of the future.

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The monitoring of each individual student’s knowledge development is extremely important for the student in order to reach his or her full potential.

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