Development and learning

At RWF, we are committed to following the curriculum, training our staff in curriculum theory and ensuring that we work on the basis of science and proven experience. We do this by employing a method that allows the children’s participation and influence, by having teachers who listen and contribute new knowledge and by using documentation as a tool for continued learning. Preschool education is based on a holistic approach in which a multidisciplinary working method with varied content shall contribute to joyful learning for the children through play and imagination. Teaching is to be both organised and spontaneous. In preschool, children encounter subjects like language, maths, science and creative art for the first time. By having well-planned activities, we can offer conditions for learning that is both conscious and systematic. From an early age, children are offered the chance to participate in various activities that promote development and learning. This might include:

  • enriching their vocabulary through language games and reading aloud
  • sorting objects in order of size, or by following instructions, encountering mathematical thinking for the first time.
  • participating in various physical phenomena and chemical processes through active experimentation
  • gaining an insight into science by studying animals and nature, followed up by study visits
  • succeeding in creative art and communication through knowledge of materials, digital tools and different aesthetic expression

And much, much more. Our preschools are part of the Swedish school system and intend to lay the foundations for pupils’ education. We do this by using the children’s interests as a starting point, making them curious and keen to succeed, and through this creating an interest and enthusiasm to learn new things.