Documentation and dialogue with parents

In addition to the daily dialogue with parents, we use Tyra, a digital documentation and communication tool that can be downloaded to a smartphone. Through Tyra, we have an accessible direct contact with parents and can easily give an insight into the preschool’s everyday life. This is done through various blog posts where text, pictures and film clips can show what the children in each department have been doing. Tyra also has the children’s own digital portfolio where we document the individual child’s development and learning. The purpose of documenting the individual child is not only to visualise the child’s current learning processes, but also to give us the opportunity to highlight the child’s own thoughts and interests and how we cater for them in the preschool. Tyra is also a practical tool for us and parents as both the children’s schedule and information about pick-up and drop-off can be found there, as well as communication about study days and extra clothes.