After-school centres

For pupils in preschool class up to grade 3, all our schools have well-developed after-school centres and for grades 4-6, there are after-school clubs. For us, these activities are a very important part of the school day. Based on the after-school centre or club’s own curriculum, we develop our activities to support both pupils’ learning and character development. In the transition between the teacher-led lessons and after-school activities, we have activities related to the tuition the pupils received earlier in the day. This may be practical application of the teaching. It may include homework help and other special support for individual pupils or groups of pupils.

The activities in the after-school centre are also clearly based on our RWS values and aim to develop the character qualities of the pupils. In the afternoon, all pupils are offered at least one activity with a clear developmental educational content. This takes the form of a project where pupils practise working together on a common task towards a common goal. In addition, after-school activities include a wide range of exciting and enjoyable games and competitions.