Safety and well-being

– peace and quiet

In our schools, we conduct daily activities based on our core values and our watchwords of honesty, compassion, courage and drive. The aim, of course, is to create a good and respectful environment in the school that allows pupils to focus on learning and their own personal development. School work is based on a common policy document “The Raoul Wallenberg model for equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities” and each school develops its own local equal treatment plan. There is absolute zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or abusive treatment.

Our after-school activities in primary school and after-school clubs in middle school have a special responsibility to work on pupils’ character development and to ensure that each individual pupil has a positive and respectful attitude towards other pupils and adults in the school. This work takes place in different types of development projects.

Once a term, a well-being and safety survey is carried out among the pupils in which each of them can anonymously express how well and how safe they feel at school. In addition, the pupil can describe factors, areas or people at the school that may potentially make them feel unsafe. As a result of our determined efforts, pupils in all our schools rate their well-being and safety at 4-4.5 on our five-point scale. At least twice a term, we carry out our study environment survey to ensure that all pupils have the peace and quiet they need to be able to study.