Division of responsibilities between home and school

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an old African proverb that expresses the importance of all adults around children and young people contributing to their development. In Swedish society, this may involve the family, school, clubs and associations, social services, etc. At RWS, we believe in close and trusting cooperation between home and school, with a clear division of responsibilities and roles, and mutual respect between the different actors in the school. We are clear that the primary responsibility of parents is the nurturing and character development of the children, and the primary responsibility of schools is the development of pupils’ knowledge. In addition to this clear division of responsibilities and roles, parents contribute to the development of children’s knowledge and schools to the development of pupils’ character. Parents should have high expectations of their children’s teachers, after-school leaders, pupil health teams, school management and other staff, but the school also has high expectations of parents. We make it clear that we want to work with and not against each other in caring for parents’ children and the pupils of the school. The aim of our clear approach is for pupils to achieve very good progress and results in terms of both knowledge and character.